Mr. Sean McDermott, Project Manager, Schlage Lock Co. (860) 358-8966

"We had invested heavily in the equipment required to perform quick die change, but had not realized many of its benefits...with no additional investment, the simple concepts of pre-staging, team setups, and ownership enabled us to achieve an 80 percent reduction in setup times within two weeks. Our input has increased by over 40 percent, and the setup team is anxious to apply these same concepts throughout the rest of the plant."

The team was able to reduce the average changeover from 33-minutes to 15-minutes in three days.

Machine Hour Savings:

  • (1) press x 1.2 hrs saved/changeover x 20 changeovers/week = 24 hrs per week
  • 24 hrs/week x 52 weeks = 1,248 hrs per year
  • 1,248 hrs/year x $100/hr machine time = $124,800 per year savings
  • Cost of QDC Blitz Program = $12,000
  • Payback = 2 months

Mr. Art Harrison, Production Manager, Van Rob Stampings Inc. (905) 764-0334

This is what he had to say after he attended PMA’s QDC Seminar in York, PA and learned about reducing changeover time using the team concept:
"...we have reduced approximately 15 hours of set-up time per week on our progressive tandem presses..."

Seth Ross, QDC Plant Engineer, Freightliner, Gastonia, NC, in an email to Joe Huddleston, Corporate Engineer

"Joe, I want to apologize for trying to sidetrack this latest SMED workshop. I was negative about it and did not want it to take place because I felt that Gary would come in here and look at our die change unrealistically. This was a total misconception. I am SO glad that this SMED went as planned and I want to thank you for arranging it. Gary has done in three days what I couldn’t do in three months. He has set in place a QDC team that will meet on a regular basis, got buy in from the employees, and enthused the team members to take ownership of this thing to drive set-up time down."

An exerpt from "Metalforming Magazine"

A Three-Day QDC Blitz

In March 2003, convinced it needed to attack die-change time, the Carmeco management team headed to the METALFORM '03 show in Chicago determined to find some solutions. One of the presenters at the show conference, Gary Zunker, president of QDC specialists Lightning Time Savers (LTS), Nicholasville, KY, grabbed the attention of the Carmeco team.

"When Zunker presented what LTS calls its QDC Blitz, we became convinced that by just focusing on some key die-change procedures, and without having to invest a lot of money, we could apply his techniques to our operations and make significant improvements," says John Carr.

The firm spent the next year or two trying to implement some of what Zunker preached, but the results did not immediately follow. In April 2005,the Carrs decided to bring Zunker into the plant to conduct a three-day QDC blitz. Results were immediate: focusing on its 220-ton blanking press, time spent performing setups has gone from 15 hr./week to just 2 hr.

"That gain of 13 production hours per week has increased our capacity tremendously," says Jeff Carr. "Imagine what will happen when we apply what we’ve learned throughout the entire pressroom."

Machine Hour Savings:

  • (1) press x 13 hrs. x 52 weeks = 676 machine hours
  • 676 machine hours x $100/hr machine time = $67,000 per year savings
  • Cost of QDC Blitz Program = $12,000
  • Payback = 3 months


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